We were fortunate to work with Mr. Aaron Shnider on my husband’s case. The case was finally dismissed without trial. I knew that I made a right decision to have Mr. Shnider as my husband’s attorney. From the very first day when I spoke with Mr. Shnider on the phone through the entire process, he always showed me and my family his great kindness, comfort, and support with his warm heart. Mr. Shnider is the most talented and brightest criminal defense attorney with many years of great experiences and proven records. He had a very strong background as a prosecutor, a public defender and a private criminal defense attorney. I completely trusted him because I knew he would do everything he could to fight for us. He diligently worked on my husband’s case and thoroughly explained to make sure we understood what was going to happen in every phase of the case. Also, Mr. Shnider set a right and realistic expectation for each step we took. One thing I really appreciated was that we were able to reach out to Mr. Shnider via email or phone call anytime we need regardless it’s after business hours or at weekend. Mr. Shnider was super responsive and patient, he always communicated well with us to address our concerns and questions. I was truly grateful for Mr. Shnider’ s dedication and expertise which helped us get out of a horrible crisis and gain back freedom, reputation and peace in our life. He deeply cared about well-beings of each family member and always reminded us of how to protect our own family in every day. No word could exactly describe my emotions and feelings while I was writing this review. It was a mixed feeling of appreciation and relief for all the hard work that Mr. Shnider dedicated for us. I wanted to say again THANK YOU SO MUCH.