I spoke with attorney Aaron Shnider yesterday and earlier this morning. He was the most patient and understanding lawyer I have ever talked with. He listened even when I was rambling and emotional. He didn’t get short, even though I interrupted him often. He.also sent me some references that he personally thought would help me with my case (DVRO/DIVORCE) I only wish he could have retained him for my Divorce and restraining order. He knew from the start of our conversation he wouldn’t be able to represent me, and he still took more then enough time to hear me out. I actually called him the following day, and he picked up, and talked with me again about my situation. He was kind, understanding and he genuinely cared about me. That couple of phone calls meant more to me then anything I’m dealing with. If he reads this I never made it to the park, but I’m going g for a walk right now, and I feel better, like you said I would 6 stars and he isn’t even my lawyer.