No one hopes, plans or wants to have to contact a criminal defense attorney however when obstacles and challenges occur in life, you want an attorney such as Aaron by your side. From our first contact, Aaron and his team reassured me and gave me steps to follow as they took charge in my defense. Throughout the process, I was kept informed and given forthright expectations. Aaron not only works to protect you but he is also your biggest advocate. Attorneys like Aaron protect your innocence while also playing the very important role of keeping the system fair and in check for citizens.

UPDATE: Not one year after I was represented by Mr. Shnider in legal proceedings, a family member of mine had their own situation arise inadvertently. My immediate reaction was to contact Aaron to seek for assistance. As I began to explain the situation, Aaron took a moment to slow me down and personally congratulated on a personal unrelated event that in my rush, I myself have forgotten. Aaron quickly made contact on our behalf and advised us on remaining calm and protecting our rights. In the subsequent weeks, Aaron kept us informed of proceedings and was always available for contact. Aaron isn’t only your attorney, he’s a true scholar of the law and a personal friend.