I took on Mr. Shnider’s services when a very unexpected event put me at legal risk while commuting during a normal Sunday outing. The authorities involved did not properly note the happenings of the event leaving me extremely worried for my story and record.
I brought the case to Mr. Shnider with a few goals and truths that he immediately was able to help me feel a sense of confidence and security with. He quickly outlined what we should do and expect- and was able to take my information and investigate into the matter with the exact authorities involved.
I was very impressed with his calm description of steps and incredibly frequent communication! I feel he was able to get connected to the case extremely quick and put out the most important correct information to those whom needed to be informed.
I would highly recommend his professional services and overall decorum if you are in trouble and need a force to help you through a rough time. Mr. Shnider is incredibly honest and fair in his services and I will be keep his contact close should any future happenings affect me! Thank you.